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Gym in beautiful ski resort town of Sun Valley, Idaho hiring women's competitive team coach--levels 4-8


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Apr 22, 2019
Spirit n' Motion Athletic School is looking for a new coach for our women's competitive team. We have 4 groups, Xcel Bronze, Xcel Silver, Xcel Gold, and Xcel Platinum/Optionals levels 6-8. We are growing our program and are looking for a new coach, wonderful with kids, likes working in a small gym/family atmosphere, with great kids and supportive parents. We don't have any drama. I am looking for someone accountable, loves working with and teaching kids, and that can independently plan great workouts, especially for our upper level kids, Xcel Gold on up (levels 4+ for JO). Training would start right away, taking over for our current staff (one is ill and one is moving), starting in June. Please contact me at 208-720-4306 or via email at lelu.qw@gmail.com for more information. Check out our website at www.spiritnmotion.com as well.

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