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Gym Mom's Blog about Tough vs. Abusive coaching

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Proud Parent
Apr 1, 2013
Many of you may have read this already, but I wanted to share Rita Wieber's blog she recently wrote about tough vs. abusive coaching, what it looks like, and what to do about it. It seems to me that in gymnastics, there can be such a fine line between "tough" and "abusive", and it can be hard to know when to step in, and when to just watch and wait. I know that there was recently a thread about a coach calling a gymnast fat. She touches on that here, but her next blog will focus on that topic. Feel free to share your thoughts or experiences! I know there have been times when I've felt compelled to call a coach out on behavior, and times when I've kept an ear out, but with closed practices and having to rely on what my dd tells me (not much), it's hard! Here is the blog...
Not open for further replies.
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