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Gymnast Conditioning - What I learned


New Member
May 21, 2019
United Kingdom
I made this video to chart what I learned from gymnasts about conditioning;

One of the main things that I observed and for which I don’t think gymnasts get enough credit - is that there is a non existent culture of performance enhancing drugs in gymnastics.

If you compare that to a sport like sprinting there’s a big contrast. Furthermore, gymnasts tend to train far more hours than athletes in other sports.

There are several other videos on this subject such as this which has a million views;

In it he says the first thing to observe is that it would be essentially naive to not think that gymnasts are in to steroids. This is not true as not one gymnast has ever tested positive for steroids at the Olympics/World championships/trials in contrast to sprinting where 9/10 have tested positive at some point in their career.

Feel free to correct me where I am wrong in my video and to potentially make your own which is better than mine but a lot of people who are putting stuff out there on this subject are powerlifters and other strength coaches who have never actually trained in gymnastics.

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