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Gymnastic super star show Pics anyone

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First I loved the show. I took my two grandaughters a friend and my daughter and friend and their daughter. Oh I thought it was wonderful.. A little more music that I wanted. We went to the housotn show. Bad news is they took my Camera lens from me said it was to long.. I puposefully brought it because I new I could still get decent pictures in low light.. They told me they did not want people selling the pictures GEEZ I only wanted some good pictures for my grandaughters scrapbook... So all I had was the kit lens that came with my camera and you guessed it awful pictures. OH they did give my my lens back after the sow. It was a 70mm-250 not even my long one. I was very good and din't use a flash. I did see lots of flashing and even cameras with long lens I guess they new to hide ther lens. I even saw video going on.. Anyway did anyone go and get good pics that they would share with me. for my grandchildren they of course wanted pics of Nastia and Shawn. Thanks for letting me vent... :)


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Aug 26, 2008
That sucks they took your lenses. I think these sports and programs associations are riducluse. For the NFL they're like any pictures, videos, and accounts of this program is prohibited. It's like "oh, I can't tell my friends about the game?" Riduclous. Who sells this stuff anymore? Like 99.9% of the people take pics and vids for themselves. The other .01 % can be dealt with. Riduclous... they make sports and stuff like idols and gods that are forbidden to be touched...ugh.
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