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Gymnastics 101

Discussion in '2016 Rio Olympics' started by notthatmom, Aug 14, 2016.

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  1. If Tim Daggett shouts "Gymnastics 101!" One more time, I'm going to dismantle one of the uneven bars and smack him in the face with it.

    I can't be the only one who has heard enough of that from him....who's with me?
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  2. Well at least he isn't calling the wolf turn a helicopter turn....:eek::confused:
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  3. I'm with you. Gymnastics 101 is a far cry from anything that the best women gymnasts in the world are doing this week in Rio.

    I sure wish there was a "Al/Tim mute" button somewhere I could use. The commentators on the live feed are so much better.
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  4. I sure wish there was a "Al/Tim mute" button somewhere I could use. The commentators on the live feed are so much better.[/QUOTE]

    I absolutely agree. That is why I prefer the live streaming. And I feel as though I have heard "And this is GYMNASTICS 101, folks!" more times than necessary...
  5. I told my husband that we should make a drinking game out of that phrase.
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  6. Lindy, you would be passed out by the end of the 2nd rotation.
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  7. Tim actually said, I think during Simone's beam routine in the AA, something like "and here, Al, is that move you called a 'helicopter turn' the other day"

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  8. That's a fantastic idea! My husband has caught on to this as well, and as Madison was finishing her bar routine yesterday, the hubs goes "let me guess? Gymnastics 101?" Haha, sure enough....that's the next thing that came out of Tim's mouth
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  9. Seriously? Omg.
  10. NBC gymnastics drinking game:

    take a shot of tequila/rum/vodka/root beer (for the underaged)/etc. whenever one of the commentators does any of the following:

    says "gymnastics 101"
    uses the word "helicopter"
    uses the word "destiny"
    refers to Simone's parents as "grandparents"
    explains the green/yellow/red scoring system

    Fell free to add to the list....
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  11. "Just a little bit of a hop there"

    ....we'd be trashed pretty dang fast.

    "this here is really difficult"
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  12. Anytime they ask Nastia if she wishes she was still out there, or what she'd do in that situation, or how she thinks they feel in that situation, or how she remembers feeling when she was in that situation.
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  13. Add "uber" to the list ;)
  14. "and that's going to be a deduction"

    really? I thought he meant to land on his bottom!
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  15. I'm just glad we don't constantly hear talk about her dad this time around...
  16. "Obliterated"
  17. That's a one tenth deduction
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  18. You all are going to be plastered!
  19. Okay, not for the list. This is actually a good quote from Tim:
    "Most moms can't watch their girls on balance beam, whether its level 3 or elite."

    We have certainly found this to be true!
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  20. He/she just did him/herself a solid.
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