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Gymnastics Poem

Discussion in 'The Chalk Bucket' started by LiveLoveTumble, May 20, 2012.

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  1. LiveLoveTumble

    LiveLoveTumble Member Former Gymnast

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    This is a poem about gymnastics that I wrote. It was inspired by Shawn Johnson's Champion poem. Please let me know what you think!

    Not Just a Sport
    Late every night, you're still in the gym
    Perfecting your skills, so you can win
    You're there after everyone else has gone
    Though it may seem tempting, you're still pushing on
    Though these countless routines seem to have no end
    You'll always get up to try them again
    And whether you land on your feet or your face
    Nothing could ever take you away
    From this sport that you love with all of your heart
    And you always have, from the very start
    It means sacrificing time with family and friends
    For practices that seem to have no end
    For those early mornings and late, late nights
    As you soar through the air, reaching new heights
    But when you win the meet with a medal and a smile
    It makes everything seem so worthwhile
    As you stand on the podium amidst the cheers
    Trying to hold back grateful tears
    As you wave to the crowd, as you wave to the world
    For a moment, it's all focused on this one girl
    It makes it all worth it, the struggles and pain
    The times when your efforts seemed all in vain
    The days when you thought that this might be it
    The time had come when you decided to quit
    When you thought that this sport was no longer for you
    It was no longer fun, it was no longer new
    But you had another good day, and you realized
    That it's this sport that helps you survive
    That gymnastics alone is what gets you through
    Because it's not just a sport - it's part of you
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  2. elite123456

    elite123456 Guest

    very good poem i really like it :)
  3. GymMama

    GymMama New Member

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    Great poem! :yes:
  4. cbone

    cbone Active Member

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    Love it. Thanks for sharing it.

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