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Hair Idea's!

Discussion in 'Gymnast Forum' started by Ilovegymnastics, Jan 9, 2011.

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  1. How do you wear your hair for a meet?
  2. I'm the most boring hair person ever. My mother is even worse at hairdos than I am, and it's pretty hard to do your own hair sometimes...usually I do a high bun and try to do some fancy mini-braids around the front.
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  3. Ever since I started competing, I've worn the same hairstyle. A high ponytail. And even getting THAT neat takes about a half hour! I think in level 6 I wore a high bun, because I did back extension roll on beam, and I seemed to land my hands on my hair. I always thought the "spiderweb" hairstyle looked nice, though.
  4. i do a spider web, corn row braids back into pony or bun (cornrow til the ends so in the bun you have some pretty plaits), i used to make 3 small ponys at the front of my hair then for about 3cm do a plait on each pony then secure with a band then next i would do a 3cm fishtail and secure with a band then the next 3cm i would do a 2 section twist braid and band it then the next 3 i would just grab the hair and twist it. :) i actually wear some of these to school LOL
  6. Hair

    My sister always does a basic spiderweb for me.
    For my friend's meet yesterday, I split her hair into three equal sections in the front. I pulled the hair back and made them all super tight braids that went into a ponytail. It was super cute. If only I could do it to myself. Haha.
  7. Can we use ribbons? (sorry new to this whole thing) If so i want to do a star ribbon design on top of my head with a high pony!
  8. Horses_gymnasthope normally we use scrunchies as they are pretty but ribbons may come undone in the middle of a bar routine ect and fall in front of your face so you can't see, i'd check with your coach first because if its a star on your head its unlikely to move, it really depends if your club will allow it :)
  9. omg me to, lol sorry!
  10. I usually wear a high pony with a french braid head band type of thing in the front. :)
  11. haha...... :p
  12. Depends on the comp, For club competitions (that i represent my club at) i do a spiderweb hairstyle or 2 braids. If i am representing school (only once a year) i did a high pony that took 5 minutes with gel and hair spray. Not sure if this was because we were rushed (i.e. i walked out of the exam room into the car to the meet) but to be honest it was the worst meet of my life i.e. beam warm up was some sort of free for all sort of thing it was weird!
  13. I do a french braid across the front of my head similar to this one. But I just go from ear to ear and secure that, then pull the rest up into a high bun.
    Or I divide the front into three sections, make three french braids to the crown of my head and pull it into a high bun.

    I detest ponytails, as they whip me in the face when I turn/flip/etc.
  14. I wear my hair like I do for everyday practice, in a ponytail. Except for meets I add hair-gel, hairspray, more clips, and my fancy hair scrunchie and ribbon clip. I also put my hair in a ponytail after my shower the night before so as my hair drys as I sleep it gets really curly and pretty (this does not work unless you have curly hair of course).
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