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Happy college story


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Dec 13, 2010
I know so many parents and gymnasts wonder what is possible for Kids who aren’t top level 10 recruits.

I just wanted to share that a level 9 at our gym just received her acceptance letter to a very good school and a D3 gymnastics program.

she could not be more excited and it goes to show that if you really want to continue gymnastics in college and have the support of a great coach and the heart and desire and work ethic to stick with it anything is possible.

never give up. Just stay positive and keep moving forward every day.


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Oct 26, 2019
Thank you for sharing! This is so encouraging to hear. Our girl started gymnastics late and there’s some chance won’t make level 10 by senior year, but she absolutely LOVES the sport and is really working hard toward her goal of competing in college. Thanks again!!
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