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Happy New Year

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Hi. I am Jami and my daughter Allyson will have her first competition on Saturday the 10th of January. I am looking for ideas of hairstyles and just a group of people to chat with since I am so new the gymnastics arena. Happy New Year!!!


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Mar 9, 2008
Hi! Welcome to CB! That's so exciting that your DD has her 1st competition coming up!What level is she? My DD is 13yrs old & L7 this year. She has a competition that day too. I know there are lots of threads/posts on here about hairstyles. Have you tried doing a search? Good luck with her 1st meet. My DD is actually in the process of growing out short hair. So all we do is goo her up with gel & pull it back in a small pony tail...plaster it with hair spray & dry it all with a hair dryer until her hair is like a hard shell...LOL! But I know there are much more creative mom's on here than me...I'm sure they'll chime in:D!Happy New Year & welcome!!!


Welcome:)! How exciting for dd - 1st competition:D! Well, good luck in advance! This sport is almost as addicting for parents as it is kids:rolleyes:! My dd is 10 years old and level 5. What level is your dd?
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