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Hey, all u guys who r reading this right now r probably thinking wow hawaii that sounds so cool for a vacation and ya it is cool but it is not just for a vacation i also have a huge meet there and i am excited to go i am just nervous for the meet:(. my mom keeps telling me that it does'nt really matter how i do it is just for fun and i know that but my choches are getting really up tight about it and i am worried because this is my first time competing this level and it is kinda scary but u guys have any tips or just somthin to say that would be great:D!!!!!!!

Sincerally, Lauryn


Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
well, that's awesome you are going to Hawaii!!! lol
and just think. it is your first competition at this level so don't freak out! Even if you do bad, it was your first one, you can only improve from there. I am sure you'll do great though.

I get so nervous at competitions as well, so you're not the only one :)
I don't know if you do this already or if this will help, but i always just write down the goals i have for the competition (ie. one i have at every comp - dont fall off beam haha) and Just try to focus on that, not the judges. For example, your goal could be not falling on/messing up a new skill you have at this level. You might not want to have too many goals or it might be overwhelming.
Also what really helps me is talking to my teammates or my competition.
If it's your teamates then talk about anything but gym. It will take your mind off the competition and your worries.
For me it is so comforting to talk to the competition because (i know this sounds dumb) but you can see they are in the same situation as you, nervous and everything.
I dont know, it just makes me feel better to know them a little.

So just try to relax and have fun!!
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