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Discussion in 'Gym Jobs' started by Kristin Rogers, Apr 27, 2017.

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    Calico Gymnastics Club in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada has an exciting opportunity for a Head Coach to join and lead our club in our BRAND NEW facility. Our focus is to develop the foundation of physical literacy in our youth. We provide a safe environment for gymnasts to develop their athletic ability. As the Head Coach, you will report to the Calico Gymnastics Club Board of Directors, be accountable to the growth of our club and athletes, and will lead, develop and oversee our club programs and operations.

    Our new Head Coach will be enthusiastic, have strong leadership skills while being able to work in a team, be a strong communicator with all ages, and be committed to the mentor-ship and development of athletes and the junior coaches in our club.

    The Calico Gymnastics Club serves over 200 athletes and supports solid competitive, developmental and recreational programs for both boys and girls. The Head Coach assists with programming and scheduling of all classes, as well as is heavily responsible through direct coaching as well as mentor-ship of other coaches in our competitive program.

    The preferred candidate will possess a NCCP Level 2 certification WAG as well as previous coaching experience. Qualified First Aid and a criminal record check are also required.

    Hours of work: This is a full time position

    Compensation: TBD

    To Apply: Qualified applicants are requested to send their resumes and applications to calicogymnastics@sasktel.net

    For more information about our club: www.calicogymnastics.ca
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Thread Status:
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