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Hello! (again)


New Member
Dec 14, 2018
Hi all! This is a bit of a reintroduction; I was a CB member in high school when I was training level 8/9 but needed knee surgery and thought I was done with gymnastics through college, though I still loved the sport. I really started following gym again in the past year, both the overall elite scene and everything happening with USAG, and when I started physical therapy school this year I decided I wanted to give gymnastics another try and joined the club team at my university. It's been 6 years but I've actually really impressed myself with how much I can do so far - I'm flipping tusks into the pit, working on a double flight pass, trying to get my giants back on bars... and beam is beam XD. I'm hoping to compete a meet at NAIGC level 7 or 8 this year and hoping I will stay healthy and be able to have fun with the sport for at least the next few years, but also thinking about getting in to coaching or judging so I can continue longer. I love reading about other people's gymnastics experiences and wanted to reenter the community here!


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Proud Parent
May 5, 2017
The sport seems to stick with some athletes. I hope you stay healthy and enjoy this second gymnastics experience.
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