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Hello all!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by sppd, Jun 9, 2017.

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  1. My 11yo Daughter has been a gymnast for a little over 3 years and is currently training at Lvl 7. She started gymnastics after getting a free birthday workout at a local gym and was hooked. I recently came across this forum while dealing with a gym change (not very pleasant). This forum was very informative on the subject, and we learned that our experience was not that unusual. I have found many additional pieces of helpful information here and decided it was time to join and introduce myself.

    I am SPPD! Glad to be here. We have 4 children that are very active in several sports. As a matter of fact our gymnast daughter up until this year managed to train and compete in gymnastics while also playing flag football and basketball. She has now committed to gymnastics as here only activity.

    We love the outdoors and camp as often as we can between all of our kids commitments.

    Well anyway, glad to be here!


  2. Welcome! So happy to have you here. I lurked for about 18 months before I finally broke down and joined.

    I'm sorry to hear your gym switch was not pleasant. It seems all too common of a story.

    It's kind of nice to know there are other large families in the group. There are 5 munchkins in my tribe. And we have our share of sports/activities too.

    Again welcome.
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  3. Thank you for the warm welcome!
  4. Welcome. When I first found CB I didn't wait to join but I got hooked right away. Sorry to hear about the rough gym change, unfortunately it sounds like that's more common that an easy and smooth change. Hopefully now that you're at the new gym you will only have smooth sailing ahead.
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  5. Thank you! It all seems to have worked out, but it was pretty stressful for a minute.
  6. welcome from across the pond, looks like you have had a baptism of fire, hopefully things will settle down well now. I see from your other post you played rugby, top man, a game for hooligans played by gentlemen! (wife of an ex-junior international rugby player here)
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  7. Thank you!

    Rugby had a small following here in the states back in the 90s when I played in college. Over the last several years the sport has exploded here. No other sport in the world involves 90 minutes of trying your best to kill each other followed by hours of socializing like family. It's really an amazing sport!

    We are settled in at the new gym and things are great.


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  8. Welcome and glad you have found your gym home.

    When we left our previous gym, we thought all was peachy. Turns out that a "coach" that was trying to come in to keep the program alive fro one more year (for his son, who was a senior) had badmouthed me to my son's new coach. Luckily, that coach had already realized I was not totally crazy (we all have a little crazy in us). but we ended up in a great place that has done more for my son that we could have ever imagined! Welcome!
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  9. One of my gymnast daughters transitioned from gymnastics to rugby beginning of high school. Loved every minute, can't say enough good things about that sport.
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  10. Welcome! I have two level 10s,boy 16, currently rehabbing an elbow ocd injury and 14 yr old girl. My ds has changed gyms, but that was a long story and he had his old gyms blessing. My dd has never been at another gym. Same since starting gym at 6, so sorry I can't really offer any help there, but your old gym seems like it was a good thing you left! (I read the other thread)
    Hoping your dd experience now is drama free!! Optionals are really fun!! Hope she has a great season!!
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  11. Thank you!
  12. Ha, Pink had to play full contact in PE at school - her gym coach had a fit as she is 1/2 the size of most of her peers - seriously there are 2 6 footers in her PE class, at 13 ! She had a ball, all those years of tackling her brothers paid off.
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  13. And she probably had four times the upper body strength of those girls twice her size! It's a fairly new sport(especially for girls) over here. Ended up being much less dangerous than I would have thought, not knowing much about the sport beforehand. Really saw a much lower injury rate during her years of rugby than I have seen in gymnastics (or soccer).
  14. LOL! My College had a women's rugby program as well and truth be told I was more afraid when we would scrimmage them than I was against any other men's team. Those girls were tough and ruthless! As far as injuries go, the US has implemented many additional injury prevention steps into the sport than any other country as the sport has exploded over the past decade, which is probably for the best. I actually fell into the sport when I had a football injury and was told to never play football again by my Doctor. Me being young and "bulletproof" I transitioned to rugby when a friend of mine invited me to a meeting to organize a Rugby Club at my college. Once I was introduced to the sport I could not get enough. Looking back, I am surprised at the fact that other than a few aches, pains, strains, and bruises I went without injury my entire rugby career.
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