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Hello everyone

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Dec 30, 2017
Stumbled onto the forum a couple of months ago while trying to find some advice for my 8 year old DD's kip (she has since gotten it). She is in her second year of compulsories (Level 2 last year, starting Level 4). This is our first experience with competitive Gymnastics as nobody in our family has ever done it in any form and it has definitely been an eye opening experience. We are all learning about the sport by the seat of our pants and know that we have a lot more to learn, both Mom and I have been in competitive sports and I have coached different sports for many years but this has been an eye opening experience for sure.

No drama to report or advice needed at this time, just thought I'd start an account and see if I could get access to any of the appropriate sub forums.

Thanks, great to be here.
Not open for further replies.