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hello from a gym dad!

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New Member
Apr 18, 2008
Oklahoma City, OK
I'm a very proud father of a level 6 gymnast. I love the sport of gymnastics and love watching our girls in our gym compete. We have just returned from Wichita, KS after watching our gym's only level 9 compete in the Level 9-10 regionals. She had a rough day and did not qualify for Westerns though. I love the fact that we support each other so well. There were 18 of us that traveled from Oklahoma City to cheer her on. Anyway, I will have to make some tough decisions for my daughter's future and thought I would run some of my thoughts by you guys here. I'll check back in when it's not so late.

Can't wait to here your opinions and chatting with you later.


Welcome! It's cool to have such a supportive group of people in a gym.


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Dec 8, 2007
Welcome to chalkbucket. How old is your daughter? Wichita is where Joanne was from in Stick it! haha

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Welcome to CB. I think its great so many from your gym traveled to Wichita to cheer on your L9 gymnast. Bring on the questions, concerns etc. We're here to support each other!


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Jan 17, 2008

I look forward to hearing your Gymnastics story. The posters on this site have helped me and my DD through some rough times this past competition season!

I hope we can assist you and the gymnast in your life.
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Welcome to the Chalk Bucket. My DD is a level 6 also. I think it's great that you all went to regionals to support your gymnast. I'm sure it meant more to her than you realize.

Again..... welcome!

Bay Valley

Jan 2, 2008
Bay City, MI
Welcome to the CB. My daughter is also a level 6. I just love the fact that a father is so involved in supporting his daughter. Look forward to your posts.

united team girl

Hey. Welcome to cb. I hope your dd starts to have better days. I was a level six, and i am still training my first year of level 7. It is super fun. Lol. So keep in touch


New Member
Apr 20, 2008
USA, New Mexico
Hello welcome to CB i am also a level six. 1 year and its really fun, the only thing i can do though is bars and strap bar cuz i have a broken foot so ya lol but yes if you have any questions i might be able to help for as a 5 last year i took forst all of my meets but 3 and state i couldnot got 2 because of my foot so ya and well im really good at bars, my highest bars score as a 5 was a 9.5 and i ended up with 3-4 of those my level 5 season so ya any bars questions u have i would love to help u with:)
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