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Just wanted to say hi to everyone here! My name's Travis, the screen name is a refference to my major in school, Aerospace Engineering, of which I am in my 5th year. My main reason for joining here is to find tips on coaching, as I am about to take a possition as a substitute coach for a week while another coach is on vacation, and while I know the sport, my knowledge of coaching in limited.

First a bit about me.

I started gymnastics at the age of 4yrs and started competing at roughly 6, I competed until I was 16 when I retired from competitive at the level of open optionals, I have continued doing gymnastics a little bit as recreation, and still enjoy it, as well as have retained most of my original skills (surrently 21yrs old). I started looking into coaching when a new gym opened down the street from my house and had a post out that they needed coaches. Well, after 3 hours of training, they are having me substitute as I said before, which brings me to my main point. I need help!

I am sub-coaching for level 2 and 3 girls, and despite the fact that they are young and lower level, I want to make sure I am a good coach for them durring the week I am there, and in the future, should I end up being a permanent member of the staff there (I hope!).

Are there any word of wisdom from the more experienced coaches out there? Thanks!

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