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New Member
Sep 6, 2007
Hi!! I'm a coach from a small town in the heartland. I've been involved with gymnastics for about 22 years. I started when I was 4, competed for 5 years, made it to level 7, tumbled & cheered for 4, & have been coaching for almost 10 years. Currently I coach level 2-7 & tumbling. I am always interested in new ideas & drills. I'm so excited I found this page & am excited to meet & learn from all of you!:jump::wave:


Active Member
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Welcome and I love it when we get new coaches here too:) I hope you get lots of ideas on drills and share some too:)
I am Melissa and mom to 2 gymnasts... Emily(just turned 8 in Aug) second year level 4 but gets to train level 5 skills all year too... and Madison(5) who just started up in June and was moved to advanced tumblebugs a month later:)
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