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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by GymnastCoachJudge, Apr 18, 2017.

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    I had previously been online here at CB as another user, but it's been years since I used the account and I no longer remember the username nor the password. That merits a re-introduction!

    I'm a temporarily retired artistic Canadian gymnast (although I am now trying to train whenever possible), a coach at a fantastic new club, and a T&T judge in training. I'm also a university student, studying a bachelor of science and doing some research in regards to determinants of health and illness prevention. Next school year, I'm hoping to do some similar academic research on the female athlete triad.

    When I was last competing- last year- I attended Easterns, and did remarkably well, as a JO 9 gymnast, which was a great accomplishment for me after two years of perpetual injuries. I had intended on continuing this year since my gym isn't very far from my university, but due to a severe illness- from which I've since recovered- I was unable. Here's hoping that my plan to resume competitive training in June works out!

    Thanks for reading, and I'm very happy to learn with this community.
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