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I do not know but lately I have been hungry a lot more before and after workouts and even when I am not hungry I normally eat anyway and I am used to being able to do this all the time because I was growing soo much but know I can't because I am kinda stopped getting taller and lately some of my teamates, my coaches, and my parents have kinda made some suttle remarks about my weight/size.:( UGH!! I am just out of competition season (state was yesterday:)) and theres less practices and so not as much excercise and still craving food whether I am hungry or not 24/7. I would love any advice.:)


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Feb 26, 2007
Alaway make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after training. Hunger can be thirst. Making sure that you eat a good balanced diet based on whole foods can stop those food cravings. Proteins, complex carbs and lots of fruit and vegs will help.

Highly processed foods, white foods, starches and sugary foods will make you feel hungry faster. Go for whole grains, coloured fruits and vegs and lean protein.

My youngest is always hungry, we make lher smoothies with bananas, yogourt, frozen berries and red river cereal, fills her up and gives her the energy boost she needs without refined sugars.

My kids love raw veggies and low fat ranch dip after school to keep them busy.


The thirst factor can make you feel hungery, so try keeping a water bottle with you( flavored water it good too!:)). Also, granola bars and fruit are great before and after practice, they tend to give you energy.


Dietary fat will curb hunger spikes very efficiently. A lack of it will just carry it on. Starches of any kind should not be your focus. Fruits and veggies are far better choices than any starches or grains.

I would also be concerned that the girls are not eating enough, especially in their pubescence years and having to deal with anemic gymnasts ( very annoying and irritating ).

Just make sure you are not using poor snack choices to curb those cravings. However, there is no need, imo to be a fascist about little things like a bit of chocolate. Sometimes that means are body wants fats or needs carbs or protein.
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