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Help I feel like I have gone nuts!!

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My dd has her first State meet coming up and I find myself thinking gymnastics all the time. I think about, how she will do at the meet, will she move up to the next level, should I talk w/her coach (never really have) and misc. gym stuff. I think I have gone nuts. I have NEVER been the crazy parent ever before, but for some reason I can't stop myself from thinking everything gymanstics. My kids have been in several sports, well numberous over the last 8 years, but gymnastics.....is driving me nuts.
Has this happend to anyone else?


drivingmom -

Yes, you've gone nuts. Welcome to our tree. :D

I agree, there's something about this sport that sets it apart from most of the others. The mere fact that I've joined a message board to seek out other "nuts" tells you where my own head is.

I've experienced the same things you have. There's something about watching our kids out there driven by an inner desire to push themselves to their individual limits, and being astounded at what those limits are. At times it seems they have no limits at all.

I saw a t-shirt at the state championships that said it all -- "I've been given a second life! My son/daughter is a gymnast!"

- Harv


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Aug 16, 2008
I, too, am a gym nut.:D Never ever thought it would happen to me but when DD started competing, I got hooked. welcome to the club...


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Mar 9, 2008
I hear you drivingmom! It is sooo easy to get sucked in:p! Every once in a while I need to step back & reassess to make sure I'm not stepping over the line from being interested & supportive to becoming...."one of those psycho-crazy gym moms":)eek:you know the type). Just always remember it is your child's sport...her life...let her live it. We've already had our shot at childhood...time to let our kids have their's. Being an interested & supportive parent is wonderful...just don't become a "psycho-crazy gym mom", it can be a fine line sometimes;).


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Mar 20, 2009
Its good to know that I am not alone in being totally nuts! I love to watch practices and when she is competing I get soooo nervous! I am probably more nervous than she is. But, another mom at her gym gets even more nervous like when her daughter is about to go up she says OMG! Ella's next !. She just cracks me up and I tell her it will be OK but really on the inside I am saying the same thing! LOL
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