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Help...is this a big red flag?

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Southern Girl

New Member
Aug 4, 2008
My daughter is on the pre-team at our gym. One of the coaches and about 10 (half of the comp team) girls suddenly left our current gym. No one has really discussed details. Everything I've heard is "through the grapevine" so to speak. This has really bothered me so, after doing some research of my own, I have learned that this other coach has opened another gym.

It also seems like since these girls have left, my daughter's group hours suddenly increased from 2 hours a week to 45 hours with an $80 increase in tuition. We knew this change would occur, it just seemed like the timing may have been moved up to may compensate the loss of 10 team members. Our girls were to participate in their first meet, but the choreography coach decided to alter her schedule which affected our girls' training, etc. So, they did not compete in the meet, but did participate (exhibition). The girls really had a great time and I'm thankful my daughter had the experience. However, this also bothers me.

Some other things that bother is the lack of communication within the gym. As new parents on the pre-team, we get alot of info second hand. I've started researching other gyms and am leaning toward a gym that is TAAF vs. USAG. My daughter loves gymnastics, but we don't seem to have time for other things and the "grapevine" has just informed us that the girls' training will increase to 4 days from three in the fall.

I'm quite frustrated. Does our gym sound like the mess I think it is? What are your opinions?

gym law mom

Active Member
Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
Seems like you've run into the biggest problem most parents have with gyms and thats communication. You are entitled to some facts and where your dd's group will go from here. It is common to have some girls leave if a coach does---sometimes they find out that it isn't all that great and come back/some will probably stay with her.

Practice 4 days/week sounds like alot for a lower level gymnast----unless all the practices are only 2-2.5 hours. Ask either your dd's coach or leave a message for the owner about getting things cleared up regarding your dd's team time, coaching etc. That way you can make an informed decision about whether or not to stay with this gym.

Alot depends on what you and dd want out of the sport. If she's on pre-team for a USAG comp team program, then yes the hours will go up for training, but it shouldn't be overwhelming. Rec league gym(which I believe TAAF is) is becoming quite popular because of lower cost, less hours and more relaxed meets.

Panda-girl's Mom

Active Member
Jan 9, 2008
How many hours a week it looks like you posted 45 hours a week. When my daughter was on preteam she only did 2 hours and it was not enough to get them ready for competeing I think preteam now does more hours. The price will definitly increase as the hours increase and your daughter starts competing. I think I would decide now if you want your daughter to be on the team because the hours, the money and the comitment really increases and once your daughter gets on team it maybe to late. It is good you are considering other options I wish I had some clue to the money hours and comitment when my daughter was on preteam and now I am stuck because my daughter loves her team and the sport. Don't get me wrong I think it is a great sport but my daughter is unable to do anything else beside a dance class, she misses alot of birthday parties, spends the whole summer practicing in the gym and I spend a couple thousand dollars a year on the sport. We also have a lot of girls quit for these reasons. My theory is that gyms do not communicate with the parents because if they tell you these things they will scare you off.


Active Member
Nov 5, 2007
Can you talk to somebody regarding the pre-team program?Hours,goals,etc?When my daughter was in rec ops she actually was allowed to train one day less then the other girls did.At the time it just fit better in our family schedule and budget.
I don't like the "grapevine" and choose to sit somewhere else at times in the gym to avoid it.
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