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Help me understand- bhs vs bwo on beam ( fear)


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Oct 3, 2018
I like to understand things, but having a hard time with this one. My daughter has a fear of bwo but says that bhs is less frightening because ... She sees the beam earier and has time to readjust. ? Does it make sense or not ( explanation of a 9 years old) . She recently switched her series bwo-bwo to bwo - bhs. It effectively seems to go better ( from the after practice smile, I don't watch practice). Does someone has an explanation ( other than the mind )


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Feb 13, 2015
The mind is a huge thing. BHS is quicker. Less time to stress. Our experience only. And seriously until you are on a 4 inch beam many feet off the ground it’s all different.

Mine has issues with both. She has elected to concentrate the BHS. The reality is whatever works for them .


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Aug 22, 2008
My dd was the same way, prefered BHS...and then once she was able to do BLO prefered that even more.
same here too. For dd, she always had trouble staying sqaure in the BWO whereas this was not an issue in the BHS. And as soon as she could, she put the BLO in b/c it was easier than BHS-BHS
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Dec 22, 2016
Also, if she has shoulder/back flexibility issues, the BHS on beam may just be physically easier than a BWO.
This! While my DD is scared of the BHS right now she didnt like the BWO and it hurt her back. The first time she said BWO on beam hurt her back I told her not to work on them anymore and to tell her coach she wouldnt be working on them. Luckily her gym is very accommidating for level 6 on requirements so they let her do cartwheel cartwheel for the first meet while she gets her BHS back. She is also going to work on a roundoff because its hard to get the CW CW connection to count (she learned this the hardway at the meet lol) She only did BWO for the level 5 score out because the BHS was slow coming. As soon as she could stop working on it I basically told her not to do them on beam anymore. If the coaches would have had an issue with that I would have scheduled a meeting over it. Too many kids with back issues due to BWO on beam I learned that way early on here and have been keeping a close eye out for issues (espcially since I know other girls at our gym have had some back issues and I wonder if this played a part in it) Also my daughter doesnt stay square in the BWO it just doesnt look easy when she does it thats why I think she prefers the BHS even though its a bit scarier its also easier for her to do.
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