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Help please! Level 3 floor routine

Discussion in 'Trampoline & Tumbling (TRA)' started by Katie66, Jan 28, 2018.

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  1. Hey everyone! My daughter is new to level 3. She fell after her rbhs and got a really low score (6.975) other girls got higher scores even though they didn't attempt theirs.why is this?
  2. Are you talking about level 3 usag floor routine? This is the trampoline and tumbling forum. If USAG JO, with a score that low, I would guess your daughter had many other deductions. I fall is only 0.5. If a girl had a clean routine but didn’t do the bhs but had an otherwise clean routine, you are talking mid to high 8.
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  3. I'm sorry!! New to this site also!! Yes it's USAG!
  4. It is very common for new parents to watch routines and get confused because they think the big skills are where the majority of the points come from. That’s not the case though. It takes a while to understand all the small details that the judges have learned to evaluate so closely and quickly.

    Until you do begin to recognize those finer points, just keep this one big point in mind:

    Cleanest routine wins.

    In other words, the person with the straightest legs and lines, tight body and general good form and technique is going to win over a person who does bigger skills but with sloppier execution.
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  5. Gotcha ! Thanks it's very confusing sometimes!
  6. I would suggest going to YouTube and searching high scoring level 3 routines. You can quickly see the difference.
  7. The compulsory routines are very picky. The tumbling pass is a very small aspect of what they are judged on. They can lose a lot of points for not even having their full/straight split in their routine. The execution adds up really fast. She could have also lost points for unfinished skills which is likely the case. I.e. not passing through the kick - handstand on the handstand roll, kick - handstand with feet together - front limber - kick over, the leap pass being executed correctly, the jumps in the very beginning (split jump/straight jump releve pose), high releves on the half turn etc. They are also scored for performance/presentation and rhythm of the routine.
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