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Help please!!!

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I am a level 6 and on the bars at the very beggining right after the kip idk wat its called but i need drills for it it is like a back hip circle without your hips touching the bar into a kip i need help on that and also i need help on backwalk overs i am terrifyed to do them on the high beaam without a spot!!! 1 more thing the front handspring pass on the level 6 floor i seem 2 not hav enough power on please help any advice will help:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:


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Jan 4, 2008
Hi, All these skills can be a big step. So first of all dont allow yourself to get too frustrated. Remeber that it takes everyone a while to master them and you will get them with time and patience.

Also remember that your coach is the best person to ask about your skills. On the internet we cant see what you are doing and can't tell where you are going wrong. We can only give you advice on the common problems people have with these skills. Ultimatly your coach will be the best person to learn from.

The circle skill you are talking about on bars is called a clear hip circle. The most important thing for a clear hip is to keep your body shape correct. The position you are in a clear hip is a very very hollow shape in your upper back, almost like someone has punched you in the chest. You need to be able to use this position to keep your hips off the bar. First try doing just simple back hip circles around the bar in this position trying to keep your hips off the bar.

Once you have mastered this it is time to work on the opening up part at the end of the clear hip. Think of it like a back extention roll. When you are upside down you shoot your feet up to the ceiling and quickly open your shoulders. One good way to practise is to put a spotting box behind the bar and aim to end standing on the box.

The other thing you need to be able to do in level 6 is do a kip out of your clear hip. To practise for this practise doing continuous kips one after another. AIm for two first and then three and so on. You should be able to do 5 connected kips in a row to know that you have enough strength to do your bar routine.

As for backwalkovers on high beam. Allow yourself to build up to it. Practise lots of them on a line on the floor. Once you feel confident go to the low beam and go through various steps. Such as doing it with a spot and doing it with mat on the beam. If it is just the high beam you are struggling with. First of all try building mats up to the height of the beam and putting a mat over it. Once you are happy with that remove the mat and do it with just the mats stacked to the height of the beam. Once that feels safe slowly lower the levels of mats build up until they are at floor height.

Before you do the skill make sure you are thinging positive things like "I am going to stick this" not negative things like "I am going to fall off". Also try to picture yourself doing the skill perfectly in your mind before you go for it.

For your front handspring pass make sure you are blocking out of your shoulders. Practise handstand blocks on the floor and handstands with shoulder shrugs and make sure you are using that action when you do your handsprings. Try doing it from the floor up onto a mat. It will be a softer landing if you stuff it up but it will force your body to use more power to get you up to a higher surface.


Sometimes people don't have enough power when they are front tumbling because they are jumping onto their hands. Make sure you try to reach as far out with your hands as possible on your hurdle and it should help your tumbling.


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
I am a level 6 too, and i also have fears of the BWO on high beam, so i can't really help you with that :). For your front handsprings, make sure you have a lot of heel drive (kick your heels over really hard). For your clear hip, (back hip circle w/o hips) your toes are supposed to shoot out at 3/4 of a handstand before you go into your second kip. A drill that we do at our gym (other than just having a spot on it) is to set up 2 wedge mats behind the bar (the side your feet are on in a cast). place them apart a little bit so you have enough room to cast in between the 2 mats. Do your clear hip with the mats there, and try to shoot up, and when you are coming down, shoot your feet up and place one foot on each mat, w/o your hips touching the bar. Another really good clear hip drill is the one that our gym calls the Tower of Terror!! It is fun!! We put 2 planks of wood from the high bar to the floor and set a mat on it. (a 8" mat). You cast and put your feet on the mat to start out. then you push away from the mat and do your clear hip trying to shoot your toes towards it. We play a game with this drill, if you would like to no what the game is, please private message me :). Here is a video of this last drill that i found:
YouTube - gymnastics - FANTASTIC set-up for Bars
I don't know who these people are, but that is the same drill our gym uses. If you have any ?'s please feel free to ask me :).
Good luck!!


May 16, 2009
For your clear hip just really cast hard and drop under the bar, when you are on your way around shoot your shoulders up. It takes a lot of practice. Get your coach to spot you so you can see what its like to drop down and shoot up. Back walkover on beam, first get it to were you can do it on a line. Then move to the low beam with pannel mats on eather side. Once you have that take away the pannel mats and if you are scared get your coach to spot you. Then just keep moving to the next highest beam with a spot. Front handspring pass, run really hard and reach out then block (push threw your hands) really hard and reach again for your next one. Conditioning at home helps you a lot!!! I hope that helps you.


May 26, 2009
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
the clear hip feels kinda like the shoot in the back extension. think about dropping ur shoulders back. backwalkovers just repeat repeat repeat untill you become more and more comfortable. fronthadspring pass reach out your hands long and low. get a good block and drive your heels


May 22, 2009
At the Gym!
for free-hips (or clear hips as some call them) You should practice and practice back extention rolls. free hips have that type of motion to them. Our coaches recently started having us do them on a strap bar so that wee dont have to think about our hands but just the drop back motion. its really easy to do a free hip on the strap bar because u dontb have to worry about your hands. i'd work on them on strap first and then move to the regualer bar. Your coach can help u the most with these


for ur clearhip on bars try opening ur sholders wen ur body is straite below the bar. and for ur fronthandspring pass u mite b popping on2 ur hands instead of geting on ur hands and blocking off from ur sholders, wich mite make u go slower. hope i helped!! :)


May 17, 2009
after you cast into the clear hip circle, pull your knees to the bar or lower thighs and then the second you're upside down, flip your wrists to the top of the bar and that makes a good clear hip circle. and the back walk over, just think, what is the worst thing that can happen to you on this trick? and the front handspring, the most advice that i can give you is to run as fast as you can into it, and stretch your hurdle.


Dec 11, 2008
Its caled a free hip. I am learning that right now. I do a drill where you put 2 block mats under the bar and put one foot on each and then do the free hip and shoot out back onto them. I have troubles kipping out of it. good luck :)
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