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Help - Suggestions welcomed

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Jul 16, 2009

My daughter is going to be competing level 7 and she had her giants and they were gorgeous until one day...... she freaked out and was afraid. She won't throw them anymore. She has great clear hips on low and high bars, but she really wants to do a giant in her routine. She has every other skill needed but she just freaked the day the coach sent her to do the giants alone between the bars. She was doing them on the pit bar before then or between the bars with a spot, but the coach wasn't doing anything. That week she was told that she needed to do them by herself between the bars - she tried and heard the cables and was afraid to wrist roll and now she said its the wrist rolling. She will do a ton of baby giants or giants with her arms bent and legs bent but hasn't attempted the giant the "old" way she used to do them. I hate seeing her in this position. She really wants them back and doesn't want to take a spot. Granted she has the rest of this month and 3 more after to get them back. Any suggestions for her?? She was originally hesitant to do them alone on the pit bar and once she did she was like that was fun what was I afraid of. I have reminded her of that and told her I believe in her too. She isn't even attempting to cast to handstand now either when she goes on the pit bar or if she does she drops down verses going for it.



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May 27, 2009
Region 6 (Northeast)
I'm not a coach so I cannot suggest what to try.

Nonetheless, 3 weeks is a long way from now. I'm sure her coaches will try their best to help her get these skills back by the meet.

Mentally, I suggest to have her to take the pressure off. Just go for the skills the best she can with the coaches' help. Also, if she is confident in catching herself during a fall, the fear will probably go away and it's likely that she will get her confidence back -- assuming that doesn't backfire when she discovers the way out. If she doesn't get it back, make sure that she knows it's not the end of the world. Giants and vertical handstands aren't required for L7. If she was able to do them comfortably once then she is already ahead of the game.
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