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Help with a decision please .

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Dec 4, 2008
So.. I need some help. I need help with choosing a gym. We have 2 in the small city I live in. The one is a 30 minute walk or like a 5 minute drive. I went there from when I was 8-13. It is a small gym. It has 2 underground trampolines , 1 vault , 1 40' foot tumble trak , 1 regulation floor , 2 adjustible beams , 2 low beams , 1 floor beam , 1 adjustable strap bar , 1 high strap bar ( not in a foam pit or anything , and if there is people on vault you have to take turn with them or else you will kick them as they run by ) , 1 set of uneven bars , 1 practice bar and a adjustible bar that can be a wood bar or metal bar. I would train 4 days a week for 4.5 hours.I know the competitive team there . And the owners very well. But they are the gym that pushed me so much that I got a fracture in my back. And I went back there a couple of days ago and they just talked to me saying I would have to start in interclub ( its like the pre team in USA but a little more advanced. ) . And I dont wanna do that. I mean I was a level 5 . I go to open gyms and can still do everything. I am getting back into shape.And there is also only 9 girls on the whole competitive team. Thats gym # 1. As for the other gym , its about a 15 minute drive . I know 2 girls there. The first one is my bestfriend . But she is in trampoline and tumbling. The second one is a girl that wanted to get a whole bunch of people after me to beat me up. But than there is like 20 something girls on the artistic competitive team , and the head coach is a coach that I know amazingly . She was my coach at the other gym when I was 8-10. She is really nice and alot of fun. They have 1 regulation floor , 3 sets of uneven bars , 1 of them in the foam pit for like release moves and dismounts and stuff , 2 strap bars in the foam pit , a rod floor , 3 regulation adjustible beams , 3 low beams , 3 floor beams , 2 vaults , a vault trainer , 2 underground trampolines , 2 above ground trampolines , 2 double minis , 1 going into the foam pit , a regulation tumble strip that power tumblers tumble on , that also going into the foam pit . And they have a 60' foot tumble trak . This gym is huge ! It has huge windows in the front so its always sunny . This gym always has sleepovers. And I would be going straight into competitive , 5 days a week 5 hours a day. So 25 hours a week. Thats gym number 2 . I just have mixed emotions becuase I think the second gym would be better for training and they go to 6 more competitions then the other gym. It is alot newer , better equpiment but that one girl. So could you guys please give me your advice it would be appriceated incredibly.
Thank-You .


Hi, do not let one negative person affect what you want to do. Talk to the coach privately about that one person and the two of you make a decision on how to handle any difficulties. Do what is in your heart and do what makes you happy

Coach Don ( 45 years coaching exp)


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Jan 17, 2008
My question is why would you NOT want to be at the second gym? only because of the 1 girl? you are always going to have conflicts in your life. You will need to get along with people you dont like in your adult life. What better time than now to get started on practicing..

Good luck!


Jul 13, 2008
rainy washington
The second gym, definetely :] The gym sounds really good, and don't let that one girl stop you. You are already one step ahead of her, and if you have any problems with her you can talk to the coach and all. Problems like that should not have to be dealt with at a gym, you should just have fun :]
Keep us updated!


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Dec 21, 2008
I think the second gym would be in your best interest. I wouldnt let one person get in your way, people tend to be a lot of talk, and not a lot of walk, and if it truley gets to be an issue, like another poster said, talk to the coach. Or talk to them beforehand. You are indeed always going to have people in your life that you just don't get along with for one reason or another, its just a matter of if you can work with them or not. Be the bigger person, go the the better gym, get a better (and sounds like a safer....) experience. Good luck with whatever you choose, your choice will be right no matter what


2nd gym. Is it written in stone you have to go to 6 more meets. 6 meets is about the most I would want to do in a season.
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