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help with yurchenko

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Mar 20, 2012
My daughter has been working on her yurchenko for a while. According to her coach, her timer/approach is fine, however, she is having trouble with the back part of the vault. Her coach tells her that as she flips off the table she is tucking her knees up and bring her shoulders down (kind of a hunch) and thus loses her momentum. She knows that she needs to continue the backward motion and rotate her hips to tuck but her body will not cooperate! Her coach is simply repeating the direction over and over with no hints on how to correct it. He has decided that she must not be trying. She is but just can't get it. Both of them are frustrated. Her back tuck on the floor etc is fine -- nice body position etc. Any suggestions of drills, strategies or hints?


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Dec 8, 2007
What helped me when I was learning yurchenkos was to pike my vault because then I did not tuck too early. It also helped me to not just bring my knees up, but to think about getting my shins over my head. Piking is a higher start value anyway! Also, you can tell her think about spotting something before she flips. If she has her head and chest up to spot it, she will have a good flip. Hope this helps!


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Apr 28, 2009
that, that and that. ^^^


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Jun 26, 2009
Back tucks on floor and back tucks on vault are VERY different. For one, on vault, you have to snap off your hands (think bhs) to get rotation for your flip, while on floor you throw your arms for the rotation.

However, as dunno and gymcoach26 said, yurchenko vaults are not something you should coach from home. If she's having trouble understanding her coach, she should ask her coach to explain it differently, maybe try some drills.


Maybe you should think about finding a new coach? Your daughter requires individual approach and your current coach insists on the same things. Sometimes switching to another methods helps a lot.
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