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Heroes' day

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;) As a gymnastics fan, I appreciate all the hard work and discipline that goes into training. That's what I always consider whenever I watch a gymnast perform-- everything may appear smooth and seamless to me, but I respect the practice that goes into each performance, calling forth precision and presentation at the crucial moment.

But in the world of Fiction Writing-- Imagine a dedicated gymnast-- someone believing that their performance is truly benefiting their Country's economy-- only to find out that 'things are not always what they may seem at first glance'.

This is the conundrum that Monica faces-- who is the main character in 'HEROES' DAY' by author JESSE GORDON, available at: Jesse Gordon | Official Site --

Jesse Gordon writes what I call 'intriguing, thought-provoking, Futuristic Fiction'. You'll see what I mean when you read his books-- His stories are so much fun!

(I liked reading 'HEROES' DAY' so much that I actually read it twice)--

Enjoy! :thumbsup:
Not open for further replies.