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Hi Bar grips- mandatory or not

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by Clay a, May 28, 2018.

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  1. Are grips mandatory for mens level 5 compulsory routines.
    Clay A.
  2. No, but a lot of coaches like to introduce them at around that time. My son was actually in women's unevens for rings and high bar when he was a L5 and I think L6.
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  3. My boys did not wear grips when they were training or competing Level 5. But I think it depends on how much up training the kid is doing on HB maybe? My boys were not asked to get grips until they were ready to graduate from the strap bar while training giants.
  4. My son got them during his 3rd year at 5, when he was training a lot of giants. it is really gym specific.
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  5. My son is training level 6 but isn’t in grips yet. We have had trouble finding the right pair for him.
  6. Our gym does them pretty early - basically after their first year on level 4 even if they are repeating 4, as long as their hands are big enough. I'm glad they start them early because my 8 year old (7 when he got them) had a REALLY tough time adapting to them. They were able to work with him slowly on them this year (second year of 4) but he didn't use them in competition. He has gotten to the point now where he is used to them finally which is good because he's training 6 and they (supposedly) help with giants. They start rings grips in level 6 as well.
  7. Thanks for all the input.
  8. Have you tried the regular Reisports? My son has had three or four pairs of them now and really likes them. (He says the Hyper Protecs are a little slippery for his taste on high bar.)
  9. We are having a size problems.
  10. Are his hands very small? I think that's part of the reason our guys started out in unevens. Our coach walked us through all of this in the beginning. Ensuring that the fit is right is really important.
  11. After a lot of searching, I was able to find size 00 Reisports for both high bar and rings grips when my son first needed them (when he started training L5). They were the only ones that fit him until L7. He went through two pairs of each and now he finally fits into size 0, which is much easier to find.
  12. He had a pair if English Bulldog 00 for the high bar that we tried last year. The fit per his coach but he kept flying off with them. He tried them again after the season and he has outgrown them.
    His coach recently ordered a bunch for the boys to fit them in the gym but he’s still having trouble getting a good fit for my little guy. I will email and see what brand he ordered.
  13. Have you tried Gibson Just Right grips? They are more narrow, better for smaller hands.
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  14. Gibson Just Right is what our coach had me get for my little guy for rings. They are much narrower/smaller than the other brands.
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