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Sep 18, 2018
South Africa
Hello everyone!

I am Waheeb. i am from South Africa and new to gymnastics.

I once heard some one say that "you don't stop playing games because you're getting old. you get old because you stopped playing games."

I am 32 yo and an overweight ex-rugby player. i have always had an interest in the human body, it's movements and it's capabilities. This is why i have huge respect for those that do participate in gymnastics. It pushes the body to freakish limits.

i believe that movement is important and i have not stimulated my body with movement in a few years which lead me to body pains and inabilities. They say if you don't use it, you lose it.

So i find myself on a quest to prove (to myself) that i am capable of overcoming these inabilities, ridding myself of body pain or injuries, achieving at least some of these freakish limits and that it is possible to come back from the depths of loss and disbelief.

By joining this forum i am hoping to gain some more insight. Hopefully with everyone's experience and knowledge (since i have so little of gymnastics) i can achieve my goals.

Not open for further replies.