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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Wannaimprovesobad, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. hi im new and i dont really know how this site works rlly and im too lazy to figure out... but i just really wanted to complain about my gymnastics club. I do gymnastics in Belgium (look it up, you prob dont know where that is, but its okay, im used to it ;) and let me tell you: these are the ****tiest gymnastics clubs...
    one thing i noticed in the us is that no matyer who you are, the coaches and the club always take it seriously during the lessons. Here in belgium however, it’s basically like its obvious you’re doing it for fun. People never take it seriously when you’d want to be joining a competitive club (if that makes sence in any way) and that annoys me SO FRICKING MUCH, i’ve been in this one club for 4 months and ive not learned a single thing i couldnt do before. It’s basically an hour of talking between the coaches and there isnt much gymnastics involved. Ive said them that i really DO want to improve but they say we’ll do something more diffucult ‘another time’
    Uuurughh what do i do? Litterally every club is like this. I want ppl to take it seriously because i really do care and i really do want to do it competively. If theres one thing i want more than anything else its this. :(
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