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New Member
Dec 10, 2007
Plymouth UK

I have just joined and have been asked to introduce myself so here goes.:rolleyes:

I'm Karen (Kaz) I live in Plymouth in the UK and my nearly 12 year old daughter has been doing gymnastics since about March of this year.

Since June i have been volunteering at her club and learning to coach.

She has i think (remember i am a proud parent so biased) been doing really well she achieved all 7 of the British Gymnastics proficiency awards about 6 weeks after joining her club and recently won the bronze medal at the novice floor and vault competition. :D

I however feel i am on a slower learning curve but i am enjoying it and learning more all the time.:)

Not a lot else to say right now except i also have 4 sons age 23, 20, 18 & 16 and 2 grandsons aged 3 and nearly 2. :eek: I by the way am 41

look forward to chatting to you
Kaz x
Not open for further replies.