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Mar 5, 2008
I'm Cynical-Chick (PMed the admin to change the name, as it was cut off by the forum software). I'm 23, from the southern US, and I'm smart, sarcastic, and rather jaded. I'm a freethinker and lean rather far to the left.

I'm just a gymnastics fan--I tried it when I was about 7, and it didn't work out too well. :( My favorite all-arounder is definitely Svetlana Khorkina, though I'm definitely a Liukin fan!

If I were to try out for American Idol? I'd sing "Remember Me This Way" by Jordan Hill, or "Scarborough Fair."

I'm a music nut. My favorite genre is industrial, and my preferred sub-genre is industrial metal (bands like Rammstein and a lot of German bands none of you will have heard of). But last Friday, I saw Celtic Woman--I love Irish music!

Any questions?

Bay Valley

Jan 2, 2008
Bay City, MI
Welcome too the chalk bucket. There are a lot of great things on this site. You can find the American Cup links from this past weekend if you missed it.


Hey! Welcome! Nice to see other "just fans" out there so I'm not the only one with my screen name in pink (and i'm not even a girl!). :)
Not open for further replies.