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High Performance Gymnasts in Canada

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Mom2Chickadee, Dec 7, 2017.

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  1. I've noticed in our area that this term is being used more frequently for young, extremely talented gymnasts who, once old enough, will no doubt be national level athletes. However, I was under the impression that HP athletes were national level athletes 11 years or older who qualified HP at specific qualifying events. So, can athletes younger than 11 use the term high performance gymnast? Just curious what others thought......
  2. Well in my area there is a public school program called high performance athlete program, which is open to any sport, dance, hockey, figure skating, tennis, swimming , etc.

    It's a modified school program from grade 4 to 12 that follows the regular curriculum but provides it in 1/2 the time.

    My dd has been in the program for 5 years, just started high school this year. When she graduates (if still in the program) they receive a high performance athlete designation on their diploma.

    So even though she never made HP in Canadian gymnastics, I can honestly say she is a high performance athlete
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