How can I learn a giant on the uneven bars?


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Mar 1, 2020
Hi there,

I am an older and taller (5'1) level 7 gymnast and I really want to learn a giant. I have been doing strap bar giants for a year and they are ready to move onto the wood bar. This was my first year competing level 7 and I had two free hips in my routine to fulfill the requirements. Competition season is over and I really want to upgrade my bar routine. However, due to circumstances at my club I no longer have a coach that is able to spot giants. My club also doesn't have a pit bar for the girls/proper high bar spotting equipment. Does anyone have any ideas or unspotted/lightly progressions that will help me become more comfortable with the skill on the wood bar, and will help me get the skill faster once I have the opportunity?

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Jun 2, 2015
first, long hang pullovers from a cast.
then baby giants (like a long hang pullover, but you finish it like a horizontal free hip). you don't need to start from a handstand or get a spot
then go higher and higher with the baby giants (like you would a free hip to 45 degrees, then a free hip hand), until you accidentally do a giant!

the best thing is that you never need to be spotted for them when you learn this way. it works really well for older and bigger girls
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