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How do I get over the fear of doing backwalkovers on high beam?

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New Member
Apr 4, 2017
Ok so I've been doing backwalkers on beam for about 2 weeks. I have it down on the low beam. But once I get to the high beam I completely freak out. My friends and I stack up 3 8 inchers on the lowest high beam. I can do it with all three of them on but once we start taking them off I get all nervous and I freak out and don't end up doing it. I had a coach stand there for me but I froze. Please give some tips on how to get over this fear!!


May 28, 2009
Region I
Visualize yourself doing it. Slow the down the progression. Stack three 8" mats and do three BWO. Then take away an 8" and replace it with a 4" mat, and do three. Then take away that 4" mat so you have 16" of matting, and do three.

Then stop for the day.

Next practice, start with two 8" mats and a 4" mat. Then work your way down.

I firmly believe that you shouldn't do that many BWO in a day. We limit our kids to 10 max, less if they have back issues.


Proud Parent
Dec 29, 2015
My dd had a block with bhs on high beam. She did them on low beam, but would just get stuck.

So her coach did a private with her. She did two bhs on the lowest setting. The had her walk away to chalk her feet and cranked the beam up one turn. Dd came back and did two more. Coach sent her for water and cranked it up one more turn. Had dd do two more. Sent her to tell me something and cranked one more. They kept doing this until dd was doping them on the highest setting. It took less than 10 minutes.

Dd knew she was raising the beam. But she had dd leave the area so she didn't see the beam going up or have to stand there and watch and wait. She got over a three month block (bhs on high) in the course of 10 minutes. And she hasn't had a problem with it since.

Maybe an approach like that works. If you have the skill, it doesn't change with the height of the beam. Now if you aren't stable on the skill, that is a whole other situation.
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