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How many days off?

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Aug 1, 2019
How many days of gymnastics is ok to miss?
I've missed a lot of hours of practice and I'm scared when I come back I wont be at the same level I was.


Jan 22, 2019
How many days off did you have ?
You'll probably not be at your previous level on the very first day but it should come back pretty quick (how quick really depends on the person). Your coach will probably have you do a lot of conditionning and basics before hoing back to doing your skills, which is obviously the right thing to do if you don't want to get injured. Be careful not to try anything too difficult on your first days back : your body has to ease back into it.

Also, don't feel bad about having taken days off : I'm sure you did a lot of things during that time, spend time with your family, saw new places, which is also healthy and will help you grow as a person. There are other things in life than gymnastics.

In my country, all gyms close during summer break (usually the whole of july and a least beginning of august). We do a lot (and by a lot I mean a lot) of conditionning in september but we manage alright in the end. Maybe we could be better gymnastics-wise, but all the kids (except those on the elite track, but even those get vacations) get to enjoy their vacations and spend time with their family.
(and coaches also get vacations, which is nice because it's such a hard job)

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