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Inch by Inch

Discussion in 'Canada' started by kitkat, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. kitkat

    kitkat Active Member Proud Parent

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    Canada Canada
    Alex competed today. Much better meet then her disastrous meet a few weeks ago . :( . Poor kid my heart felt for her.
    These kids have such an incredible fight in them at such a young age. She has gone through so much in the past year. She just knew she couldn't continue with her HC any longer. I am just happy that she didn't give it up and found comfort at another club. And two of our coaches moved to the same club so she was very happy.

    Here is her bars, floor and vault from today. She wouldn't let me post her beam. She fell on her acro series and wooza do you lose a lot when you fall on an acro series.

    Next stop Provincials in a month...
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  2. gymmomx2

    gymmomx2 Active Member Proud Parent

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    Canada Canada
    I'm really happy she found a supportive gym. Other than vault she already has more than enough skills for NCAA, I'm honestly not sure what the mental abuse was about?!?

    Is that coach Aleks I see hugging her after floor?
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