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Info on WA gyms

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We are active duty military and will be relocating to the Ft Lewis, WA area this summer.
Any suggestions for best areas to live in near Ft Lewis?
Best gyms in the Ft Lewis area?

Thank you for any info you can share


There are a number of gyms in the Ft. Lewis area. Black Hills Gymnastics in Lacey, both Lakewood YMCA's, Yelm Gymnastics and I understand that there is a competive program available to military dependents on Ft. Lewis. There are also a number of other gyms north of the Tacoma area as well.

As for where to live. We have alot of military families in Lacey/Olympia, Dupont is popular but expensive, there are also a number of smaller communites all very military friendly.
Not open for further replies.
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