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Feb 8, 2008
My wrist has been hurting for a couple of days or even weeks I don't keep track but it's hurting to do everything. When I needed to my giants on strap bar my wrist hurt so bad my inside was screaming. I pretty much tried everything to help it feel better but nothing is working. I iced it, used a brace ( hurt to move my wrist ) and I asked my coaches and all they said was to ice it. Does anyone have any advice for my wrist?????:(
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Dec 8, 2007
Go to the doctor and get it checked out!!
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Feb 6, 2008
i know this sucks but take it easy for a few weeks. take a week off.. then slowly come back. do some strengthening exercises. most sports injuries are overuse injuries. i just got back from a severely bruised bone in my wrist and it sounds really petty but it had me not able to even put any weight on it by the time i went to the doctor. since i waited so long i was out a total of almost 5 months before i could come back full force.

do some strengthening, not only wrist but forearm too. my doctor had me sitting in class squeezing a tennisball for hand and forearm strengthening and then using things simple as cans of soup for wrist lifts. just rest your arm on a table with your hand off the edge, palm down and lift the can of soup as far up as you can without removing your arm from the table, do 10-15 of thses then flip your wrist over and go palm up lifting up as far as you can.

those simple things made my wrist and arm so sore for a few days (sore as in building muscle) and then they have been feeling so much better ever since then.
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