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united team girl

I am the queen of injuries. I have bad wrists, bad shin splints, and my ciatic nerve is so messed up. My whole body is always hurting so bad. But i have really bad growth plate problems in my wrist because i peeled off the single rail bar and i landed on my stomach with my hands down and my wrists. It turns out i fractured my wrist but didnt know it so i never got it fixed. I got shin splints from running on my heels. And for people who dont know what a ciatic nerve is is the nerve muscle thing that runs from the bottom of your leg that is kind of on the side. For example, mine runs on the left side of my left leg. It runs up to your butt. and your lower back. I hate injuries. Every1 at the gym calls me hop-along, or gimpy. I get a laugh out of it though. Its motivation. Do any of you have bad injuries???:confused:
Not open for further replies.
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