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Intermediate & beginner Rec Gymnastics

Discussion in 'UK' started by Alp83, Mar 20, 2018.

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  1. Hi
    My dd has just turned 6 and has been doing gymnastics at Rec level for about 15 months. She belongs to two clubs and went in at beginner rec level in both. She has made lots of progress in one club and was moved up to their intermediate level group in October (does two sessions a week with them/1.5 hours per session) and has all her badges except Number 1. At the other club she remains in the beginner rec class and I can't help but feel she is ready to move up. I don't have any experience in gymnastics myself so I did email them and ask if she was making good progress. They said she was but there was no mention of her moving up anytime soon. Am not in any hurry to push her into something she is not ready for, however, she does so much more at the other club and enjoys this and makes more progress. I have kept her in the beginner rec class because she would rather do that than not at all. Hope this makes sense. Am just wondering if anyone can advise whether I should ask the club again or whether kids stay in beginners for sometime before moving up. Thank you.
  2. Every gym is very different when it comes to what thye require to move up to more advanced levels in rec. It is not like JO, where there is a set skill set for each level. The gym itself will determine what is beginner, intermediate etc.

    One gym may only require bunny hops and forward rolls to move fro, the base level, another perfect pullovers, cartwheels, handstand etc, another may require level, 2 skills.
  3. Why would she be at two clubs? Sounds like she is doing well at the first club. Why not just have her at that club. Maybe the second club has different requirements for each class. Or maybe they know she is already at another club and think you will be moving on fairly soon.
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  4. Check if the other club actually has beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. And if they are based on their skills or age. With recreational classes at some clubs they don’t “move up” their gymnasts instead the classes are based by age and within the class the coach will have individual programs for each child. So if a group is on floor one gymnast may be working on achieving cartwheels. One gymnast will be working on roundoffs and another may be working on walkovers. This way a 6 year old who is talented isn’t placed in the same class as say A 12 year old who is just beginning gymnastics. I would be looking into what skills your gymnast is achieving or learning while in the gym, you may find they are doing to same skills as the other gym but just labelling their programs beginner intermediate etc.
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