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Intro - Dad & Rookie Coach

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Coach/Proud Parent
May 14, 2007
Hello everyone,

I've been a dedicated gym dad for almost 12 years now. My daughter Stephanie will be L8 USAG next season.

After years on the side lines, I recently stepped over the ropes. I'm a month old, rookie bars coach for our L1-L4 junior trainers. It has been an absolute blast. I'm excited about having a long term avenue into the sport as my daughter nears her last couple years.

I've been a single parent the past 13 years...not a dull moment ;) My oldest is off to college, allowing me to participate to the max - in this truly amazing sport.

I'm excited having found this forum. I look forward to learning & participating.



Welcome, Dave! This is a great board. My daughter has only been doing competitive gymnastics for a year, so we are relative newcomers to it. But we love every minute of it.

Not open for further replies.
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