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Introducing Myself and Need Advice about when to change Gyms

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Go Figure, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. I am the parent of a Level 4-ish gymnast in the Dallas Metroplex. Trying to figure this all out....

    I think it might be time to change gyms, but I don't know :). I feel like our gym is more "recreational". There are certainly many serious gyms to choose from in this area, but we love the gym and the coaches. They do take a bit of a corporate approach though and the corporate people don't communicate to parents much, so I often feel like people who don't even know my daughter are making decisions about her future path. Her coaches are great, but I feel like the coaches are really limited in what decisions they can make, plus the coaches don't seem to stay very long (maybe 2-3 years). Is that a normal turnaround?

    How do you know when it's time to make a change?
  2. How old is your daughter?
    Ask your daughter what her goals are and listen to HER answers.
    Decide as her parent if her goals are something you can support.
    Decide as a family if you are able to what it takes to assist in fulfilling her goals.
    Talk to her current coaches and determine how to make her goals become reality, Stay put.
    Make a plan to visit and try other gyms and speak with other coaches and decide what gym best suits your families decision.

    My thoughts on how DD changed gyms. DD did not want to leave her old gym but it was decided as a family a change was best.
  3. She is 10 years old. At this point I know she doesn't want to switch gyms, but when I asked her what is more important - reaching her goals or staying at her gym, she said reaching her goals is more important. So I think I will do just what you said. Start investigating a few alternatives, talk to the current team director (as I mentioned I don't think the coaches have authority, so I'm not sure only talking to the coach will matter) and then make a decision at the end of this season.
  4. Great plan. i moved my DD from an igc gym to jo at 10. It was hard but the timing seems to hav been right on.first season Jo she completed level 7. Good luck to you and your daughter please keep us updated.
  5. I agree with talking to your daughter about her goals and then, if you feel you can talk with the team director, talk to them to learn more about their gym philosophy and goals. See if their goals align with your daughter’s and yours.

    You are fortunately in an area with a lot of great gyms- make sure to do your research as far as knowing what kind of gym they run. You say that you want a more competitive program- you will find very competitive programs there in the DFW area and some may be more than you are wanting to give. Find one that is the right balance for your daughter since she is the one who will be there. If you can, seek out information from parents who have children at those gyms.

    Yes, gym changes can be tough but we are so grateful that we finally made the move last year. Also, as people have shared in the past, be prepared for your gym to show you the door if they find out you are exploring other options. Some gyms are more open to that while others definitely are not.
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  6. Yes, we are very lucky there are a lot of great gyms in the Metroplex, especially where we live. Since there are so many to choose from, proximity will likely be the number one consideration. I have another child who is active in school activities and starting high school next year. My daughter is in an accelerated program at school and I really want her to stay in it. She is focused on a college path, so meeting the NCAA academic requirements are important when she eventually goes to high school. For those reasons, we can't stray too far away from our area as I can't afford to waste time sitting in traffic to travel to and from whichever gym we end up at.
  7. When looking, you should probably check with gyms to be sure all their optional programs are not homeschool programs if you want your daughter to stay in her accelerated pathway. I think a lot of the bigger name gyms down there require homeschool at upper levels.
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