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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Curlyfry7, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Hello all! I have been lurking for the last few weeks and finally joined last night. I am mom to 3 gymnasts...my DD is 9 and on Xcel Gold, and my boys are 7 and 12 and both level 5 at a different gym. I feel like I am always at one gym or another! Luckily I haven’t gotten then mixed up yet!! I am enjoying reading the posts, and learning from everyone here.
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  2. Welcome to CB! 2 gyms has to be tough!! And, well, 3 gymnasts lol!
  3. @Curlyfry7. I had a Mom pick up DD at gym X, and come to Gym Y (my gym) to pick up the boys. Proceeded to go home with the boys while leaving DD doing homework in the lobby. Didn't figure it out till she got home! Anyway, welcome to CB. Feel free to chime in - we're a good bunch!

  4. Lol...I have almost done something similar...thankfully only once! My daughter’s praise was almost over, I sent the boys out to the car, once DD came out we went out. I opened the door, started to get in, and noticed that I only had 2 kids with me. My oldest had gone back in to go to the bathroom, and in the mad rush of pick up I hadn’t seen him. Luckily I noticed.

    My most common problem is momentarily forgetting which gym I am heading to when we start leaving our neighborhood.....”wait.....where am I going??” One of these days I am going to go to the wrong one!!!!
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