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Is anyone going to Nationals in Milwaukee?

Discussion in 'Trampoline & Tumbling (TRA)' started by LouLou, May 30, 2017.

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  1. We are relatively new to T&T so DD is very excited to have qualified. I've seen the tentative schedule, etc online. Are tickets really $35 per day?! My husband and I will probably buy the wristbands, but we have friends/family that live in the area. She's only Level 8 so that's quite expensive for friends to watch a few passes!
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  2. We have 3 from our gym that are attending. Congrats to yours. It costs quite a lot to put together an event like this and it's part of how they recoup their costs for the venue and equipment. This is a pretty big competition for USAG JO athletes. Once you hit elites and go to things like the P&G Tour, etc. the price for entry really goes up (like close to $100 per session day)! So, $35 doesn't seem so bad in comparison to what comes!
  3. No, $35 isn't much compared to that! Thanks for putting that into perspective. Those events are amazing. I guess I was thinking since Lvls 8-10 are in a separate building from elite that maybe there would be a ticket for just those sessions. Wishful thinking probably :)
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  4. A bunch of my girls' friends are going (my DDs were L6 and L7 this year).

    We will be mid cross-country move at the time- my DD asked if we could just pop up to Wisconsin and cheer them on, but we are doing the central route.

    I don't think at $35 a day I would invite many extended family or friends. That is kinda steep for a L8 meet, when you think about it, so I completely understand!

    Anyway.. Have fun, and congrats to your DD.
  5. Thanks and good luck with the move! I guess her cheering squad won't be quite as large as we initially thought, but she's not used to a lot of people coming to watch anyway. I'm always such a basket case that I don't particularly enjoy sitting with family and friends anyway, lol.
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  6. We are going. DD is also a Level 8. We bought a multi session pass through our gym. I have friends who wanted to come but as you said the individual sessions are expensive. Said I would send them a video :)
  7. How'd it go???
  8. It was great! DD did very well and some teammates did well also. Thanks for asking. The venue was good. Interesting to have rhythmic and acro people around - fun to watch them a little and see some of them stretching etc, in the hallways. Such very different styles of gymnastics.
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