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Is DD to young for private lessons?

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Jun 26, 2008
My DD has just turned 4 in April, and she will be starting an advanced class in the summer for 2 hours per week. She has a little trouble doing a cart wheel should I get her a couple of privates or should I just let her do the class?

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
A cartwheel is not a simple skill for a 4 yo. It takes time and alot of practice. No need for private lessons. Just let her do her class. If she's still struggling in a month or 2 speak with the coach and just check on her progress---based on her previous class and age, she may be exactly where she should be in learning it. They seem to get these skills when nobody is making a fuss about them. One day she'll just walk into the gym and do it.


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Jul 5, 2007
I would only do it if she was on the edge of moving up and didn't have it. But cartwheel just takes some time for them to figure out - very normal. It isn't something I would suggest a private lesson for at the young ages like 4 years old. If they are moving her into the advanced class then it is probably a good sign that she is progressing and they will continue to work with her. I wouldn't bother with a private unless you are approach suggesting one skill or particular fear issue is holding her back. In my experience, privates for "physical" issues at the lower levels, can be frustrating, because it just takes time. I think that in my experience privates have worked best for a fear issue that takes some drills and backtracking to work through, things that are hard to set up in a class or team training session, where the gymnast has to work around everyone else in dealing with the fear or hesistation issue. In those instances, I have seen privates work extremely well in "getting over the bubble" so to speak. Similarly, if it is a physical issue that requires breaking down the more advanced skill into simpler elements and drills. But for something where there's not a lot to "backtrack" to, a root element like a cartwheel, it just takes time, practice and exercises to develop the strength, flexibility, and coordination. It's not something I would suggest a private lesson for.


I agree with the previous posters. If you're concerned, maybe have her practice outside? I teach preschool/early schoolage and it usually just happens sooner or later with regular class time.
Jan 22, 2008
We didn't start Private lessons till DD was almost 5 and that was only a few of them here and there. DD was having BHS toubles and I got a few and her coach could fous on them during that time. I wouldn't recommend them for a cartwheel. It will come with time in a class. I know we will be having more of them this year but we are on team. I would be patient and see how things progress. Privates can get expensice and I would save them for the more difficult skills that need more time one on one. Hang in there the cartwheel will come sooner than later.


May 26, 2008
DD just started a devlopmental class and she wouldn't even try it in her class. She has just finished her third week and today at home she just busted out a cartwheel. I thought it was going to take months due to the fact that she seemed so clueless. I mean it's not perfect, her legs are bent a bit etc, but she has the correct starting position, hand position and ending position. So I'm sure she will just surprise you one day soon.


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Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
My DD started gymnastics at iright at 4. She was in a regular 1 hour a week class. They worked on cartwheels occasionally, but they had 1 or 2 tries at it and that was it. It took her almost a year to learn to do a cartwheel. She figured it out about 2 months before she turned 5.

She is now going to turn 6 in a week and is on level 4 team, does cartwheels, round offs, back handsprings, etc. It never would have crossed my mind to get her help. She eventually just figured it out. 4 is so young, she should just be having fun! :D One day it will just click. Every kid is different, some cartwheel at 3 and some can't even do one at 6. :)


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Jul 12, 2007
My DD has just turned 4 in April, and she will be starting an advanced class in the summer for 2 hours per week. She has a little trouble doing a cart wheel should I get her a couple of privates or should I just let her do the class?

This seems odd for me, because usually if a class is called advanced - a child would already have a strong cartwheel (and much more)... Is it a pre-school advanced?

I am certain is completely age appropriate for a 4 yr old to not yet have a cartwheel or to understand the mechanics, but a private lesson seems a little over the top for a cartwheel. Is this a 1 day a week class?


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Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
My oldest started gymnastics at 4 and didn't have a good cartwheel till she was 5 probably closer to 6. It takes a while and each kid learns differently. But it took a certain coach and a certain technique to get her to even do a "good" one. After that, things took off. I would not start pushing for privates at this young age.
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