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It was magical

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Proud Parent
May 13, 2014
I am so glad we went. This was the first real international gymnastics event we have every been to. Yes, there has been an international session or 2 at meets we have attended but nothing like this. Our group went to all of the women's qualifying sessions, Womens AA finals, and all the event finals. I am so glad that we made this trip. The athletes were amazing, Montreal was beautiful, the food was fantastic and the weather could not have been better. My favorite things though were Brooklyn Moore's floor - just wow, and in the Men's HB final, the gymnast that missed one of his hands on the release move, stayed on the bar with just one arm, found the bar with his other hand, and just kept going. That was truly insane. And lastly, dd getting to meet all the US women, all the Canadian women, 2 of the US men, and Mia from Japan (and dd being surprised when she did not speak english). Could not have asked for a better experience.
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