It's crunch time.....and no front hip circle

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Jul 29, 2007
Well, tomorrow is Judge's Cup. The first meet of the season. DD doesn't have her front hip circle yet. She gets to about chest level on the bar, and then can't go any further.

Anything I could tell her to help her?

Did ChalkBucket help you?... help us too.

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Mar 20, 2009
I have seen some drills on youtube that may help. Search Front Hip Circle and you will find some videos that may help with drills. Good luck and don't worry to much...she will get it!!


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Aug 27, 2009
My daughter STRUGGLED with her FHC all last year, it was the only level 4 skill that she never got. This year as a level 5 she was still having no luck. Between two different coaches she never go it! Finally a week or so ago one of her fellow team members worked with her on it for five minutes and she got it, just like that!!! The same girl had helped two other girls who could not get it, both in less than five minutes...I know it sounds crazy but it's true. All I can suggest is maybe having someone with a different perspective work with her, another coach or one of her teammates. I guess with mine she just needed someone to tell her in a different way what she needed to do. Good luck, I know how frustrating it we wait on that darn kip :)


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Aug 16, 2008
ugh that darn front hip circle.

My DD got it and lost it about a month before her first meet last year. Then, THE NIGHT BEFORE THE MEET, she got it back. We had no idea if she would be able to do it in the meet but she did!! :)

I have seen some girls who are close actually do it for the first time IN the meet. So I am hoping that this happens with your DD.



Jul 29, 2007
Her coaches tell her she is right there at it. With an extremely minimal spot (per the coaches), she is getting it easily. I hope she does get it tomorrow, Madigym00.

Good luck on the kip sevans_mom.

Please keep the advice and good luck wishes coming.:)


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May 27, 2009
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My L4 took almost a full year after competing L4 to get her fhc. It was the only thing she couldn't get for over 2 years. If your L4 is really close, it has everything to do with timing and hand/body position. She already has the strength. Once she gets it once, it's likely that she'll have it for good.

A funny story... My older daughter, who typically couldn't care less (at least wouldn't say much) about her sister's skills and routines, one day just prior to a meet definitively said that she would get the front hip at that meet. She called it and it happened! It was one of the most memorable moments: for the family, the coaches and many of the other parents. Her coach still makes reference to that incident. Hope that happens for your daughter tomorrow too.

Good luck to your gymnast at this meet!!! BTW, our Judge's Cup (also our first meet of the season) don't come for another 3 months.


May 26, 2009
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I got mine in my second meet! not in warm ups just when i was competing! haha i didnt compete bars my first meet. but tell her that its easiest the longer she stays open so you would fall your almost under the bar then quick snap her chest around. and tell her that she can do it!


Jan 3, 2009
Dallas, TX
A couple of quick tips:
Push down hard on the bar before starting the FHC and on the way down. Stay very straight. As the shoulders go down, feet come up. This creates a bigger swing around the bar. Then as she comes up, she should pike hard, pull on the bar (with straight arms), and lean over the bar as much as she can. Good luck!


Basically what Alex said, except I prefer to phrase it different.

Heels start the fall and quickly snap to a pike while PUSHING the bar. I tell kids to pull and next we have them trying to a pullup into muscle up which rarely happens.

They must commit and fall quickly. It's scary. Scarier than stride circle in this regard.

I like to teach a straight arm forward pike roll to give an idea how they should pike around the bar. Stand tall, reach down, pike roll and stand up with straight knees while pushing off the floor with hands beyond knees.

Ridiculously simple and a good lead to how to keep the arms straight for back extension roll.


I tell my girls to look at the high bar until they're falling off the low bar, then look for the high bar again & try to lick their knees (getting that in there gets the pike to happen).

I also remind them that they're basically making a sandwich with their upper body, the bar, and their legs, & an open-faced sandwich doesn't count. The last silly catch phrase I use is if they're not rotating their wrists & pushing their arms down (therefore not closing their armpits) I ask them to please "hide the stinky".

Good luck to your new level 4. first meets are exciting!
I think some people work better with a different explanation, so here's what goes through my head.

I think of it as just falling, then leaning all the way over, around to the other side of the bar. The whole drop-snap thing never hit the switch for me :/
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