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JO code

Discussion in 'Canada' started by catou, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. So Quebec province is kind of switching to JO program. Kind of, because we're using the JO code and the Level 4 to 10 categories. Lower than that is the regional circuit (4 different levels R2 to R5, with the last one having some options the gymnasts can do to get to a 10.0 start value). I'm going to coach R5.

    I'm having a bit of trouble planning the upcoming weeks as I don't have the code and we really don't have a lot of info yet. Could someone tell me what are the skills in groups 5, 6 and 7 on beam?

  2. 5 is compulsory, 6 & 7 are optional levels. There is an app with the compulsory book, and the JO Optional code is an iBook. These levels will be in 2 different books, so if you're using the hard copy, you need both of them.
  3. Group 5 is holds and stands (like scales, planches, and handstands)
    Group 6 is rolls (like forward, backward, or sideward rolls)
    Group 7 is walkovers, cartwheels, etc.
  4. Lol! I read that one wrong! I wish I could delete it before everyone else tells me about it.
  5. You could probably ask Bog to delete it???
  6. @GAgymmom do not worry about it. You attempted to help someone, mistakes happen. People who chose to correct everyone have their own internal issues they should be focusing on.
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  7. If you give us some more specifics of the rules/parameters of R5, what kind of skills are competed in R5(is there difficulty minimum or maximum restrictions?), so we have some reference, we can tell you better what some group 5/6/7 skills on beam might be appropriate to train.
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  8. We really don't have a lot of info. I only have the list of skills that must be included in the routines. What I know fit on one page... and that includ every events. For sure, it has to be A skills. Choregraphies aren't compulsory as is the order of the skills. A good R5 girl would be about the same level as a JO5 or 6.
  9. Ok, JO 5's and 6's have A's and B's so here are the most common of those groups:

    Group 5 (holds and stands)
    A's - Scale, leg fwd, bkwd or sideward, held 2 sec
    Needle scale
    Handstand, held 2 sec
    B's - Scale in releve, held 2 sec
    Clear pike sit

    Group 6 - (rolls)
    A's - fwd roll
    Bkwd roll
    B's - Handstand fwd roll
    Back extension roll

    Group 7 - (walkovers, cartwheels)
    A's - Cartwheel
    Back walkover
    Tic toc
    B's - Front walkover
    Front handspring
    Dive cartwheel
    Round off
    Back handspring
  10. *clear pike support, not sit
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